Level up with Sage: Celebrate high performers and send a high five

June 7, 2024

Running a top-tier community isn’t easy, especially as you’re doing more with less, which is why we want to support you and your caregiving team—and bring some joy to the workplace. Sage has released all new data capabilities which surfaces top performers and lets you send recognition for their amazing work with a high five.

See your team in a whole new light

Your care team is the heart of your community and their performance matters. However, studies have shown that more than 60% of caregivers have experienced the symptoms of burnout. That's why we’ve introduced team performance insights, designed to help operators incentivize caregivers every step of the way. Operators can now identify top performers, including their number of responses and response times. 

Give me five

Notice that your team member is going above and beyond? Sage now lets you send high fives to acknowledge a job well done. Celebrating success can help you foster a positive team culture. Because who doesn’t love a good high five?

“Recognizing top performers and offering real-time performance coaching is not just about celebrating achievements; it's about demonstrating servant leadership, fostering a strong team, and elevating the culture of your community.” said Lindsey Daugherty, Head of Community at Sage. “By investing in our team's growth and well-being, we nurture the essence of our community, ensuring the best care for our residents and the sustained commitment of our valuable team members. As a leader in Senior Living for the past 26 years this is a dream come true.”

Current Sage-enabled community leaders seem to share Lindsey’s sentiment. Many have come forward to share their excitement about the new capabilities. “I’m really enjoying Sage – it’s super user friendly and intuitive to use.” said Samantha Clark, Executive Director, Sonida Waterford at Baytown. “And, I love that I can track how my staff are doing and give kudos to staff that are doing a really good job!” 

Experience the Sage difference

Sage is senior living’s first next-gen operations management platform, designed to make your life easier, whether you’re an operator, caregiver, resident, or family member. Our user-friendly, cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates into caregiving workflows. With over 85% caregiver satisfaction, compared to less than 20% with other solutions, we’re dedicated to supporting you and your team.

Curious about how Sage can boost efficiency, enhance team performance, and improve resident outcomes in your community? Schedule a demo and see for yourself.