Announcing $9 Million of Seed Funding to Transform the Quality of Care in Senior Living Facilities

July 28, 2022

Today, we’re excited to announce that we raised $9 million in seed funding. These funds will help us get closer to our mission of improving the aging process for older adults and caregivers while providing senior living facilities across the US with innovative technology.

We’re Making Lives Easier for Aging Adults and Caregivers

Sage makes it incredibly convenient for older adults to get help from their caregivers. Residents use a device, which triggers an alert that gets sent to all on-call caregivers through the Sage app. It describes the incident in detail and tells caregivers how much time has passed. The caregivers can also use the app to escalate alerts to other caregivers and care managers, or call 911.

However, what makes our platform truly groundbreaking is its ability to track residents’ daily needs and digitally store this information. Sage can then turn this data into meaningful insights for the care management team. These insights can help inform proactive care to prevent future incidents, improve facility response time and quality of care, and help care managers work with families to make sure care plans and level of care is appropriate.

Care managers can view the data in our dashboards. This allows them to:

  • Learn how a resident’s needs evolve in real time
  • Assess staff performance metrics, such as how much time it takes to respond to an incident
  • Adopt a proactive care approach to prevent emergencies

Tracking data about residents also helps caregivers proactively protect against emergencies, such as a resident falling in their room. With Sage, care managers can look into the history of a resident’s alerts and find signs that indicate they have mobility issues that could cause a fall later. The management team can discuss this with the resident’s family and take steps to make their room fall-proof or enroll them in a physical therapy program to improve their mobility.

Our implementation of modern technology in these spaces has already produced great results. We’ve managed to minimize emergency response times for our clients by an average of 70%. We’ve also improved morale for the staff at these facilities, as their satisfaction has increased by more than 50%.

We Know the Eldercare Problems Personally

Raj Mehra, one of our co-founders and CEO, saw the opportunity to make the aging process better as he saw his grandmother age.

“I saw firsthand the challenges that my grandmother had in retaining her independence as she aged. At the same time, her caregivers had limited tools to support their efforts, and it wasn’t sustainable.”

Matt, our co-founder & CTO had long wanted to improve the way things are done in eldercare. When he was younger, his grandfather had a bad fall and couldn’t call for help. Matt still recalls how his grandfather would have had to crawl across his room and pull a rope to get the attention of his caregivers. Reflecting on this, Matt said,

“I think what really struck home is we could totally improve that. We could totally make this better.”

Ellen, our co-founder & CPO had a similar ordeal when her father went through rehabilitation in an assisted living facility. She was surprised by the lack of innovation in these spaces. She said,

“These facilities have so many alerts constantly going off with no clear accountability or understanding of what may be happening. This causes something we refer to as alert-blindness, which results in long response times and poor quality of care.”

Taking Us to the Next Level

We are proud to share that recently our team has secured $9 million in seed funding. The funds from the latest round are going to help:

  • Expand our team to include people who empathize with the struggles of aging adults and caregivers
  • Improve the platform by introducing new technology to improve resident care
  • Distribute Sage to aging adults and caregivers throughout the world

We aim to develop a platform that replaces antiquated nurse call systems and allow care professionals to utilize data and technology to enable the best outcomes for older adults. We are committed to improving the quality of life and care for older adults and making the provision of care easier for caregivers.